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The Australian Nutrition Trust Fund (ANTF) was set up with the surplus from the International Union of Nutritional Sciences meeting held in Adelaide in 1993. The conference was attended by approximately 2600 people from 91 countries. The Local Organising Committee agreed that the conference surplus be used to promote and advance the study of human nutritional disorders, to promote the advance of research into nutrition relevant to human health and to disseminate knowledge of health skills related to food and nutrition in the scientific and lay community. Accordingly, a trust fund was set up for this purpose. The original Trustees were Professor Paul Nestel, Professor Mark Wahlqvist, Professor Ivor Dreosti, Professor Richard Smith and Professor Stewart Truswell.


Over the past 25 years, the ANTF has played a role in the development of nutrition science in Australia and continues to do so. It has been an important career resource for dozens of Australian nutrition scientists by supporting attendance at international conferences and providing other opportunities, such as the Summer Vacation Scholarship programme in Vietnam and public health student placements at Outback Stores, Darwin. The ANTF currently funds NSA Early and Mid Career travel grants and the newly developed ANTF Travelling Fellowship grants. In 2015, the ANTF has also supported an audit of, and a workshop on, undergraduate Nutrition Science courses in Australia. This resulted in a publication [.pdf] on nutrition competencies in Australia. In addition, ANTF has provided support to the Oceanic Nutrition Leadership program (ONLP).

Current Trustees

Current Trustees of the Australian Nutrition Trust Fund are:

  • Professor Jonathan Hodgson (Chairperson)
  • Professor Andrew Sinclair
  • Professor Lisa Wood
  • Dr Tracy McCaffrey
  • Dr Malcolm Riley
  • Dr Welma Stonehouse

Australian Nutrition Trust Fund Travelling Fellowships

The Australian Nutrition Trust Fund Travelling Fellowships are to assist NSA nutrition scientists to visit laboratories and facilities either interstate or overseas. The objectives of the Fellowship are to:

  • Build collaborative links with international institutes and researchers.
  • Learn new research techniques in the field of nutrition science.
  • Implement new techniques or new research programs in nutrition science in Australia.

Learn more about the fellowship including eligibility criteria, conditions and the application process.

Travelling fellowship reports

Read reports from previous awardees below:


Summer vacation scholarship reports

Undergraduate student placement reports

Outback Stores placement participants

Outback Stores is a government run enterprise that manages a large number of stores in remote Indigenous communities.

Here are the reports from a team of Masters of Dietetics students who recently participated in a placement with Outback Stores.

Further information on the Australian Nutrition Trust Fund

For further information on ANTF, please contact Professor Jonathan Hodgson.



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