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NSA has nine regional groups around Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, Sydney, Tasmania, and Wollongong. Each of these groups has its own local committee, and organises local events.

While each group has a degree of autonomy, the overall control of the Society is vested in a National Council, which comprises elected national office-bearers, representatives from the regional groups, and a small number of invited members. Council meets several times per year, mostly by teleconference, but occasionally face-to-face. Between meetings, urgent decisions may be made by the Council's Executive. We employ a Secretariat for financial and administrative management of our affairs.

Council has a number of appointed committees to deal with particular activities of the Society.

These include:

  • National Program Committee - which oversees the scientific program of our Annual Scientific Meeting.  It collaborates with the Local Organising Committee chosen from the regional group in whose territory the conference is being held.
  • Registration Committee - which assesses applications from people who wish to be admitted to the NSA Register of Nutritionists.
  • Student Mentoring Group - which aims to support NSA student members, in particular by organising student-only events at our ASMs.