NSA Early-Career Travel Grant

Early Career Travel Grant


This competitive award (with generous financial support by the Australian Nutrition Trust Fund) recognises and encourages original research by student and early-career NSA members.

To be eligible,  the applicant must be a financial NSA member for two years consecutively, was awarded their PhD less than 5 years ago (or has not yet been awarded their PhD), who since January last year has published a nutrition research paper in a high quality international journal. The winner(s) will be selected by an expert NSA committee, on the basis of the paper's scientific quality.

The award provides generous financial support to to contribute to the costs of the recipient attending a nutrition conference (registration, travel, accommodation).

2019 nominations have closed.  Please click HERE for full details of the award, including the application process.

Deadline is COB Monday 29 April 2019. 

NSA Early-Career Travel Grant Recipients

2018   Caroline Gizenaar, Megan Gow & Rebecca Leech
2017    Nicola Bondonno & Simone Peters
2016    Emma Halmos & Katherine Livingstone
2015    Natalie Lister & Catherine Bondonno
2014    Carley Grimes
2013    Amy Ryan
2013    Hayley Scott
2012    Kacie Dickinson
2011    Jessica Biesiekierski
2011    Meika Foster
2011    Melinda Phang
2010    Amina Khambalia
2010    Jiansong Bao
2009    Sarah Cicerale
2009    Sushil Dhital
2009    Niikee Schoendorfer
2009    Flavia Fayet
2009    Kath Markwell
2009    Rebecca Reynolds
2008    Bianca Benassi
2008    Alexis Hure
2008    Victoria (Vicki) Inglis
2008    Michelle Micallef
2008    Rebecca Reynolds
2008    Lisa Smithers