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The NSA has established a Register of Nutritionists to recognise and encourage high standards of professional training in nutrition.  Individuals with relevant qualifications, as determined by an experienced committee of senior nutrition scientists from the NSA, can now seek validation of their credentials to enable them to be placed on this Register.

The NSA Register of Nutritionists recognises nutritionists with designated qualifications, who abide by the highest standards of professional conduct and the NSA Code of Ethics, and who are committed to on-going training and professional development. Members of the public can have confidence in dealing with “registered nutritionists” whose credentials have been validated by the NSA.

The NSA is dedicated to:

  • Promoting safe, sound and effective research and practice in nutrition for the benefit of the public and industry; and
  • Effectively communicating the effects of good nutrition to help people make healthy choices. 

Registration by self-regulation

Modern professional bodies, particularly those in the health sector, are increasingly required to demonstrate rigorous oversight of their disciplines. NSA has drawn on the experience and processes of other health professional bodies within Australia and internationally to establish the Register of Nutritionists. In keeping with the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists, governed by the Association for Nutrition, the purpose of the Register is to define and advance “standards of evidence-based practice across the field of nutrition and at all levels within the workforce” by assuring those who meet registration standards meet rigorous standards of competence and professionalism. Of particular relevance is the following statement in the Code of Ethics of the Nutrition Society of the United Kingdom: “The purpose of the Register is to establish a list of appropriately qualified persons, and in doing so, to distinguish individuals who have received an approved level of training and experience from others who have not.” 

Based on its detailed examination of government regulation of health agencies and the practice of regulation by professional organisations, the NSA has determined that self-regulation is the most appropriate and accountable system of accreditation.


  • Assists in recognition of the professionalism of nutritionist services for consumers, health agencies and government bodies;
  • Underlines the strength and unity of the NSA in its dealings with governments regarding public nutrition policy development and implementation; and
  • Through on-going competency requirements helps to raise the efficiency and efficacy of professional nutrition services.