Benefits of registration

The NSA has established a Register of Nutritionists to recognise and encourage high standards of professional training in nutrition.

NSA National Committee

What are the benefits of being a Registered Nutritionist?

Registration provides you with:

  • the use of a title and letters after your name (a post-nominal: ANutr, RNutr, RPHNutr, or RAnNutr) to professionally identify yourself as experienced and qualified in nutrition science
  • a dated certificate that represents recognition of your professional competency in nutrition science from a scientific society
  • a public listing on the Register of Nutritionists
  • access to professional development activities.

How does being on the Register of Nutritionists benefit the science of nutrition?

Being on the register:

  • provides a publicly available list of qualified nutrition scientists which enables employers or members of the public to easily and confidently assess the validity of your nutrition expertise
  • differentiates bachelor degree qualified nutrition scientists from inappropriately qualified individuals professing nutrition knowledge to members of the public
  • contributes to the growth of an international community of appropriately qualified nutrition scientists.


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