Renewing your registration

Ready to renew your registration? Login and go to ‘record CPD activity’.

Nutritionist award

Registration as a nutritionist must be renewed every three years. Renewal of registration is based on achieving a certain number of continuing professional development (CPD) points. Registered nutritionists are required to provide evidence of a total of 300 points of CPD over three years (100 per year). Further details can be found in the Guide to Continuing Professional Development [.pdf - 71KB].

If you attend a conference or seminar and also present there, you get the CPD points for attendance AND the CPD points for presenting. For example, if you attend the ASM for the full four days (50 points) and do a presentation there (50 points), you earn a total of 100 points. However, if you do more than one presentation at a single event, you may only claim the points for one presentation.

Study or advanced training could occur at any time within the three-year period i.e. not all undertaken in one year, but would be averaged over the three-year period.

How to renew your registration

  1. Login to the membership database and follow the links to the online CPD form.
  2. Complete the online CPD form by clicking on the drop down menu for each question or providing the relevant information. At the end of the form, you will have the opportunity to provide us with additional information regarding your application. This system is based on your honesty but you may be audited at any time. Please ensure you provide accurate information and keep the necessary records.
  3. Complete the Registration Renewal Form [.pdf - 62KB].
  4. Pay the required fee.
  5. Send with an updated CV and hard copy proof of 300 CPD points if you have not completed the online CPD form.

CPD points value of specific activities involving ongoing professional development as a nutritionist

Registered nutritionists of all categories must show a minimum of 100 CPD points each year to be eligible to re-register or change category for registration. The evidence must be compiled every three years in a comprehensively documented portfolio and may be requested by the Registration Committee in the event of a random audit of application.


NSA EventsOther nutrition related events
Conferences, seminars and workshops
Attendance at half day event 2010
Participation in webinar2010
Attendance at 1-2 day event3015
Attendance at 3-4 day event5025
Presentation at conference/NSA webinar5050
Presentation at local meeting3030
Publications (using DEST)
Book - nutrition/health100
Book Chapter50
Peer reviewed letter to the Editor20
Media Commentary (based on level and size of input)10
Study/Training/Further Professional Development10-80
Service to Nutrition Society of Australia (eg. Elected office bearer, member of Council or Regional Group Committee, member of ASM Local Organising Committee, Volunteer at ASM etc.)20

Note: This table is a guide only and does not include all possible activities that can contribute to CPD. Where a range of points is given, the Registration Committee will need to evaluate the detailed information provided concerning that activity to give a specific assessment of the suitability of the CPD. Study/training courses will be averaged over three years where applicable.