NSA Student Awards

NSA Student Award

The Prizes

NSA awards cash prizes for the best presentations by student NSA members at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Prizes are awarded for both oral presentations and poster presentations. Students are eligible for these prizes at any time during their studies. However, you can only win one oral and one poster prize during your student period.

Judges will use the following assessment sheets to score presentations:


To be eligible for these awards, you must:

  • be a financial student member of NSA, or have submitted an application to join NSA
  • submit an abstract (formatted strictly according to the instructions) to the conference organisers
  • indicate on the abstract submission form that you are entering for the student prizes
  • register as a delegate for the ASM - online registration usually commences in August
  • complete your submission by the advertised deadline.

You may also apply for an ASM travel grant to help cover the costs of travelling to the ASM.

The online submission for abstracts, prizes and travel grants for the ASM usually opens in June.

NSA Student Prizes for Best ASM presentation


Angela Genoni (1st Prize oral presentation)
Matthew Snelson (2nd Prize oral presentation)
Daniel So & Alexandra Wade (Equal 3rd Prize oral presentation)
Kylie Abbott (1st Prize poster presentation)
Celeste Ferraris (2nd Prize poster presentation)
Erin Clarke (3rd Prize poster presentation)


Lauren Houston (1st Prize oral presentation)
Ruth Walbec  (2nd Prize oral presentation)
Rebecca McLoughlin (3rd Prize oral presentation)
Ruth Walbec (1st Prize poster presentation)
Margaret Murray  (2nd Prize poster presentation)
Andrew Constanzo (3rd Prize poster presentation)


Felicity Pendergast (poster presentation)
Therese Fabio Coles (poster presentation)
Lauren Roach (oral presentation)
Yoone Kim (oral presentation)


Caroline Tuck, Vic (oral presentation)
Rachael Clarke, Vic (oral presentation)
Emma Beckett, NSW (oral presentation)
Kirrilly Pursey, NSW (poster presentation)
Rhenan Nealon, NSW (poster presentation)


Katherine Caldwell, NSW (1st prize oral presentation)
Vanessa Vaughan, Vic (2nd prize oral presentation)
Srepurna Malakar, Vic (equal 1st prize poster presentation)
Wolf Marx, Vic (equal 1st prize poster presentation)
Marta Pelinovskaia, Vic (equal 1st prize poster presentation)


Lucinda Bell, SA (1st prize oral presentation)
Rebecca Leech, Vic (2nd prize oral presentation)
Cintia Botelho Dias, NSW (3rd prize oral presentation)
Emma Halmos, Vic (1st prize poster presentation)
Kelsey Beckford, Vic (2nd prize poster presentation)
Marina Iacovou, Vic (3rd prize poster presentation)


Rachel Wong, SA (1st prize oral presentation)
Emma Halmos, Vic (2nd prize oral presentation)
Sara Grafenauer, NSW (1st prize poster presentation)
Chloe Goldsmith, NSW (2nd prize poster presentation)


Nicola Lowth, WA (1st prize oral presentation)
Suzanne Abimosleh (2nd prize oral presentation)
Sing Pei Tan (1st prize poster presentation)
Melinda Phang (2nd prize poster presentation)


Corey Giles, WA (Prize for paper on animal nutrition or human nutrition using animal models)
Tom Wycherley, SA (1st prize oral presentation)
Emma Halmos, Vic (2nd prize oral presentation)
Jessica Stewart, Vic (3rd prize oral presentation)
Carly Moores, SA (poster presentation)


Jessica Biesiekierski, Vic (1st prize oral presentation)
Regina Belski, WA (2nd prize oral presentation)
Rachel Thomson, SA (3rd prize oral presentation)
Carley Grimes, Vic (1st prize poster presentation)
Senaka Ranadheera, NSW (2nd prize poster presentation)
Bukola Babatunde, Vic  (3rd prize poster presentation)


Katherine Markwell, NSW (oral presentation)
James Krahe, NSW (poster presentation)


Jacqueline Barrett, Vic (oral presentation)
Mahta Moussavi, NSW (poster presentation)


Alicia Thorp, SA (oral presentation)
Sarah Cicerale, Vic (poster presentation)


Roxanne Portolesi, SA (oral presentation)
Matthew Robertson, Vic (poster presentation)


Jo Zhou, SA (oral presentation)
Wendy Foley, Qld (poster presentation)


Tuesday Udell, SA (oral presentation)
Qian Zhang, NSW (poster presentation)


Renate Zilkens, WA (oral presentation)
No award for poster presentation


Nadia Attar-Bashi, Vic (oral presentation)
Fiona Kelly, Vic (poster presentation)


Dorota Pawlak, NSW (oral presentation)
Mohammad-Reza Zarrinkalam, SA (poster presentation)


Qing Su, Vic (poster presentation)


Graham Gardner, WA (oral presentation)
No award for poster presentation


Christina Bursill, SA (oral presentation)
Fabien Dalais, Vic (poster presentation)
Meegan Watts, NSW (poster presentation)


XQ Du, NSW (oral presentation)
Deborah McDonald, WA (poster presentation)


Malcolm D Riley, Tas (best overall student presentation)


Suzzane Byrnes, NSW (best overall student presentation)


No ASM held


Sarah Davies, WA (best overall student presentation)


Steven Daly, WA (best overall student presentation)


Susanna Holt, NSW (best overall student presentation)


David Cameron-Smith (best overall student presentation