NSA Voluntary Register of Nutritionists

Apply for registration

How do I apply for Registration?

Registration is for a period of 3 years, following which it must be renewed to maintain currency of registration.

What do I gain from registration with the Society?

Registration provides a professional title, letters after your name (a postnominal), a dated certificate that represents recognition of your professional competency in nutrition from a scientific society and a listing on the NSA Register of Nutritionists.

What are the benefits of being on the Register of Nutritionists?

Being on the Register:

  • Enables potential employers to check you are registered as a nutritionist.
  • Enables the public to check you are registered as a nutritionist.
  • Maintains professional standards through participation in continuing professional development.

The NSA has established a Register of Nutritionists to recognise and encourage high standards of professional training in nutrition.

Categories of nutritionists:

  • Registered Nutritionist: a person who has achieved a tertiary qualification in nutrition and/or at least three years of relevant work experience. Registration confers the award of the letters RNutr and the title Registered Nutritionist.
  • Public Health Nutritionist: a specialist category of Registered Nutritionists with additional qualifications and specific experience in public health nutrition. Registration confers the award of the letters RPHNutr and the title Registered Public Health Nutritionist.
  • Animal Nutritionist: a person with specialised qualifications and experience in animal nutrition. Registration confers the award of the letters RAnNutr and the title Registered Animal Nutritionist.
  • Associate Nutritionist: recent graduates (see below for more details).  Associate registration confers the award of the letters ANutr and the title Associate Nutritionist.

Full Registration is open to:

  • Graduates with a BSc with honours and postgraduate qualifications in nutrition or another appropriate subject; or
  • Those holding current Associate registration plus relevant experience, normally three years or longer.

Prior to full registration, recent graduates are eligible to apply for registration as an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr). Associate registration applies to qualified graduates with a BSc or other suitable qualification in nutrition or another appropriate subject (as determined by the Registration Committee) who do not yet have enough experience to develop all of the competencies required for full registration as a nutritionist.

Make sure you obtain professional and trusted advice from a registered nutritionist.