Nutrition Students

Nutrition Students

Student Mentoring Group

The Student Mentoring Group aims to foster a supportive environment for our NSA student members in their studies and future careers in nutrition science.

Student Awards

NSA offers a number of different awards for student members. These are for:

Student Travel Grants for ASM

These cash grants are provided for students who are presenting their research in oral or poster form at the national Annual Scientific Meeting. They are based on the airfare from your city to the city where the conference is taking place (though it should be noted that NSA provides only part of the standard airfare). Applications must be submitted at the same time as you submit your abstract, usually in late July or early August.

Student-only Events at the ASM

  • Student Masterclass
    A student masterclass is held each year immediately preceding the ASM.  It is free if you are a student and have paid to attend the conference.  For copies of presentations at these events, see the bottom of this page.
  • Young Investigator Breakfast
    This is an opportunity to meet and chat informally with top researchers over a free breakfast.