Nutritionists for International Aid Work

Closing date: This job is open-ended

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) works worldwide to provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflict and armed violence. Within its global Economic Security (EcoSec) approach in conflict affected countries, the ICRC implements Relief, Livelihood and Rehabilitation Programs in order to improve, restore or maintain food and economic security at household level.

An ICRC nutritionist is responsible for advising and supporting EcoSec teams to develop nutrition-sensitive approaches in EcoSec programs, integrated into the various stages of the
project cycle. They are also responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating nutrition- specific programs. They conceive and supervise interventions to restore, protect, or improve the food consumption and nutritional status of people deprived of freedom. They participate to the treatment of malnutrition in primary health centers, hospitals or places of detention.

The ICRC employs nutritionists for 6-12 month humanitarian missions to various locations around the world.

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