Council Members

Dr Jimmy Louie

Hon Editor of NSA Proceedings

Nutrition and Metabolism
University of Sydney
P: +61 2 8627 1691

A/Professor Lynn Riddell

Chair, Registration Committee

Deputy Head 
School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
Deakin University 
P: +61 3 9251 7270

Dr Megan Jensen

Chair, Student Mentoring Group

HMRI, University of Newcastle
Centre for Asthma and Respiratory Research
P: +61 2404 20116

Dr Nenad Naumovski

National Webinar Manager

Discipline of Nutrition and Dietetics
University of Canberra
P: +61 2 6206 8719

Dr Carly Moores

Editor (e-newsletter & website)

Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Health Sciences
Flinders University
P: +61 8 8204 5709

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Dr Yasmine Probst

Editor (e-newsletter & website)

University of Woollongong
P: +61 2 4221 5302

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