The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders

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The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders (ACFED) offers courses for those people working with clients with eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Essentials (5 days) – learn practical and effective skills that will enable you to engage with clients and offer them constructive help with eating disorders.

You will learn:

  • how to assess and conceptualise each disorder
  • how to build a comprehensive treatment plan
  • prioritising treatment strategies for over and under eaters
  • how to sustain change
  • the effects of dietary chaos on mood and physiology
  • and more.

Psychological Approaches for Obesity (3 days) –  teaches specific skills for working with obese adults by addressing the practical and psychological factors clients may be experiencing.

This course takes a non-diet approach to this issue and concentrates instead on equipping people with skills and solutions they might need to increase self efficacy and autonomy. This approach encourages individuals to reject weight and shape goals and to concentrate instead on health behaviour change and body acceptance.

Eating Disorder and Obesity Prevention Facilitator Course

The course is suitable for anyone who would like to be able to facilitate groups of young people and offer interventions which demonstrate a significant reduction in risk for eating disorder and obesity onset.

You will receive fully scripted session plans, all printed handouts, and powerpoint presentations, so that you will be equipped to start to facilitate either or both of the intervention courses.

This course would be ideal for school and college staff, youth workers, social workers, private practitioners who work with adolescents and those in community education.

For further information on these courses visit the ACFED website.