Types of Membership

Nutritionist Students

Application for membership of NSA is considered by the NSA Council from individuals with a suitable qualification in Nutrition Science.

A suitable qualification is generally a three year university degree including nutrition or its equivalent.

Ordinary Member

An Ordinary Member of the Society is an individual whose application has been accepted by the NSA Council and who has not resigned, or whose membership has not been terminated due to their subscriptions being in arrears.

Student Member

A Student Member of the society is an individual who is undertaking a course which, upon its completion, would result in eligibility to become an ordinary member. The annual subscription for student members is not more than half that for ordinary members.

Retired Member

The Retired Member category is open to members who have retired from full-time employment. The annual subscription for retired members is not more than half that for ordinary members.

Maternity Leave Member

The Maternity Leave Member Category is open to members who demonstrate to Council that they are on maternity leave at the time of joining NSA, or at the time of renewal of their membership of NSA. The annual subscription for maternity leave members is not more than half that for ordinary members.

Honorary Members

Honorary members are elected by Council for members who have rendered eminent service to the Society. Honorary members are nominated by Regional Group committees, or by Council. Honorary members receive complimentary life membership of the Society.

Corresponding Members

Corresponding members are members in any category who elect not to belong to any Regional Group.