Wellbeing Evidence and Horizons Conference 2020

Date: 28 – 29 April 2020
Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Victoria

Health, happiness and buoyancy – what works and what doesn’t?

From all corners of the globe, hear and debate the veracity of established, ground-breaking and on the horizon approaches to the joined agendas of nutrition, physical activity, public space, mindfulness and meditation, the gut and microbiome, work, sleep and leisure.

Wellbeing Evidence and Horizons Conference will be an international evidence-based conference that will be held in Melbourne at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th April 2020. The event will run for 2-days and will bring together national and international attendees connected to and interested in the theme of evidence-based wellbeing and resilience as applied to organisations, the workplace and the community as a whole.

Visit the conference website here.
For more information contact All Occasions Group: Ph (08) 8125 5500 or Email contact@weh.org.au